What Would YOUR Top 1% Do?

“You can tell whether a man is clever by his answers. You can tell whether a man is wise by his questions.” – Naguib Mahfouz, won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1988

I often see the question What would love do? or What would kindness do?

I love these questions because they help to guide us forward with compassion and truth. Let me add one more powerful question to the mix…

What Would YOUR Top 1% Do?

Perhaps this is not a question you are used to asking but why not? It’s all about conditioning our mind to reach our potential. Some people prefer to ask why did this happen or why did that happen which puts you in a constant state of analyzing rather than moving forward.

Please note, your Top 1% represents potential and opportunity rather than how much money you have, your level of education, your title, or how many homes you own. It’s about being fulfilled, learning, and practicing rituals to share your best self with the world.

Each of us can define what our personal Top 1% looks like.

Let’s take a look at three different scenarios and ask…

What would YOUR Top 1% do?

1. Career: You are in an unfulfilling job

Top 1% Question: What does it cost you on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level to not be engaged or fulfilled in your job?

Top 1%ers see the big picture and have the courage to take steps to change a reality that is not working. It may take time to change a situation but to live in your top 1% you need to take small steps forward and live your truth (ie, call a headhunter, fine-tune your resume, or have informational interviews to learn about a new company or industry).

2. Health: You keep talking about getting in shape but do not follow-through

Top 1% Question: Does being inconsistent with your thoughts and actions align with your goals and lead to the results you want?

Top 1%ers practice a high level of consistency and focus on core priorities. In this scenario, it’s essential to understand why working out is important to you and how it improves your life. If you don’t value health or feeling good, then it may not be the right goal or priority for you right now. That’s ok. Different goals will speak to you at different times in your life. Top 1%ers focus on tier one priorities and follow-through.

3. Relationships: You have a friend who drains your energy

Top 1% Question: What does your ideal Top 1% team look like and does this friend bring you closer or further away from being your best?

People who want to live in their top 1% understand the importance of having people in their life (aka a Top 1% team) who enhance their life rather than drain their energy. You only have so much time and energy so don’t be afraid to honor yourself. As Jim Rohn says, “You are the averageof the five people you spend the most time with.”

TOP 1% BOTTOM LINE: At every step, you have the option to go for good or great. You CAN condition your mind to immediately align choices, goals, and actions by asking better questions. Asking the right questions will help you gain clarity and, ultimately, make better decisions. If you can make better decisions, you can position yourself for success by sharing YOUR Top 1% with the world.

15 thoughts on “What Would YOUR Top 1% Do?”

  1. I like the top 1% idea as it’s what we can do when we’re at our best and not about trying to be something we’re not. As you say it may take time. What we need as well is to be able to pick ourselves up when we don’t quite make it and don’t quite perform to our best. Some honest reflection so we’re better aligned for next time.

  2. Yes it’s definately good to focus deeper like your talking about in this article. Instead of just the surface “I kind of don’t feel happy in this job” looking at if it is really serving you and where you want to go.

    It is hard at times to look at things this way as were taught not to take our own path alot of the time growing up, but getting through that is a very valuable thing to do!


    1. I would agree with what you’re saying, that it is best for us to put our best foot forward and focus on the positives around us, instead of all of the negatives. Just think of it like this, imagine what the world would be like today if we didn’t have any hatred and everyone got along with one another.

      Everyone needs to live their lives how they want to, not how other people want them to.

  3. I found your blog very enlightening. It will be very beneficial to me to start preparing myself for a new job. I currently work on a job that I absolutely dislike a great deal. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Very insightful post Alissa. The section about friends who drain you really rang true for me. Spending time around the “right” people is so critical to our personal growth and well being.

  5. I agree with Justin about the right people being so critical to our personal growth and I’ve heard it said many times. But I still struggle with it. I know for a fact that I don’t spend enough time with the right people. And I’ve been able to make huge strides forward in my life. But I will definitely keep working on surrounding myself with the top 1%ers because I want to be in that category myself.

    1. Hi Michelle, Tony Robbins says that “an exceptional life starts with exceptional relationships.” And so our top 1% team is made up of people and influences that help us grow rather than drain our energy. It’s not about surrounding ourselves with “THE top 1%” but rather people who help us live in “OUR top 1%.” Big difference. And that’s great you have made huge strides — that’s a good feeling.

  6. The 1% idea is really something we all need to understand. There are people out there who think it is owed to them or it is fine to grab the free stuff from the GOV but if they would just understand that if we just learn what it is we want and take action to getting it then we will succeed in life. We do not really need help from the GOV like money. We should be creating our own money with what we know how to do. And if we do not know how now adays we have google to help with that.


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