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Why Waiting to Change Your Life Can Be Dangerous

waiting to change

There are days that your life will change forever, in an instant, never to be the same again. You don’t know it is coming. You haven’t prepared for it. It just happens to you. I had one of those days a couple of years ago.

I was facilitating a meeting for a group of Self Employed Women. As we were having lunch my phone rang and my husband’s name flashed up on the screen. “That’s strange” I thought. He never phones me if he knows I am running a business meeting. But when I answered it wasn’t my husband’s voice at the end of the line. It was a paramedic.

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Change Your Friends, Change Your Life

Change your friends

Mrs Matthews was my favourite school teacher. She was a short, buxom woman with a really kind disposition and smiley brown eyes. I loved being in her class and tried so hard to do well on my assignments for her. But during the year Mrs Matthews was my teacher, my best friend moved away and I started hanging out with a whole new crowd of friends.

Close by to our school was a large vacant plot of land with a creek running through it. Local neighbourhood kids had built dirt bike tracks through it and a makeshift flying fox swing across the river. During lunchtime, my new friends and I would take off to “The Creek”, as we called it, to hang out. Of course, leaving school grounds during school hours was forbidden so it was exciting to sneak away. But one day, we returned late, after the class bell had rang, and as we stood deciding if we should go in or skip class altogether, the Principal drove by and caught us.

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Get What You Need To Change Your Life

change your life

We have enormous resources at our disposal. We each have 24 hours a day, each packed with 60 fresh minutes. We have a beating heart and lungs full of air in a body capable of incredible things. And there is usually even a little money.

So why is it that despite all of these resources, we often find ourselves stuck, unable to do anything, unable to make desperately needed changes in our life? Let me tell you why.

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Always and Never: Why Setting Firm Limits Can Change Your Life

firms limits

Are you struggling to make changes in your life?

Perhaps you always start off with good intentions – but slowly, old habits creep back in. You promise yourself that this week, you’re going to eat healthily – and you do fine on Monday. But on Tuesday, your boss buys donuts for the office, and then on Wednesday, it’s a friend’s birthday party and you just can’t resist that chocolate cake…

If your attempts at change seem to get constantly derailed, then you might want to consider setting some clear, non-negotiable rules.

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Let the World Change Your Life!

let the world

It’s nearly impossible to know when you’ll be moved by something; when something will impact you in such a way that you feel inspired and driven to take on the world. It can happen when you least expect it—a movie, a news headline, the sudden death of a loved one—but when it does finally hit you, that spark inside has the power to do great things.

When I learned of the death of Natasha Richardson in 2009, I, too, had one of those impactful moments. I couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened to her, after skiing like so many people do each and every day. Thoughts about her family and last moments ran through my mind over again, and no matter what I tried to distract myself with, I couldn’t shake it. Finally, I stopped trying to. I embraced the tragedy that was knocking loudly at my door and decided to let it in and figure out what to do with it. From that point on, my life has changed forever.

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Get Connected and Change Your Life

get connected

Have you ever had the experience of doing something better in a group than you would have by yourself? Have you ever wondered why you stick to a goal with more determination when you’ve announced it to a group of people or, better still, worked toward that goal with those who share your interest and commitment?

Human beings are social animals. We are driven to connect with others, moving beyond our first-tier relationships with members of our family. Most of us yearn for and seek social affiliations throughout our lives, and when we find or create opportunities that allow for meaningful connections, we often maximize our potential and have brighter, more successful outcomes.

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10 Principles and 1 Practice that Can Change Your Life

change your life

“To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end in life.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

It took me a long time to realize that I didn’t want to be a personal development coach. At first it seemed to be a perfect fit. I was obsessed with personal development as a topic, and I had a sincere desire to help people change their lives for the better. Over time, though, I realized that I didn’t have what it takes to be a coach – I didn’t have that drive and passion to help people achieve the goals they wanted to achieve (usually to lose weight or make more money). I had other goals in mind, but they weren’t the type of goals that people pay a coach to help them achieve. These were “character goals” – goals that are designed to help people become better individuals. So I gave up coaching and devoted myself to writing, hoping that my message would find a receptive audience.

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30 Tiny Changes for Health, Wealth and Happiness

tiny changes

Have you ever started off on some huge project to overhaul your entire life – only to give up after a couple of weeks?

Change doesn’t need to be dramatic or all-encompassing. Small, individual changes can lead to new habits, and – eventually – to a much-improved life. They might seem insignificant on their own, but they build up to a powerful force, just like raindrops working away at rocks.

Here are 30 tiny changes that you can start on today. If you made just one change every day, you’d be doing them all in a month’s time. How different could your life look in a year?

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Why Is Change So Hard?

change is hard

I recently wrote a blog post entitled Eating Healthy On a Budget where I talked about how I am carefully selecting what I buy at the grocery store and how I am cooking at home to save money.

I had a bunch of great comments, but one that really stood out to me was a friend who commented that I must have a lot of discipline to follow this plan.

The funny thing is that my friend is a personal finance blogger and he makes plans with his finances all the time. Why not make plans when it comes to what you put in your mouth every day as well?

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